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Man Down Defense “MDD”


Set a Goal: College teams seek to get scored upon in less than 20% of Man-Down situations


Decide which players will play on MDD based on the following requirements:

  • Good stick skills – might mean giving middies long poles
  • Good off-ball players
  • Hungry players – those that WANT to be on MDD


Keys to Successful MDD:

  • Recognition and Communication – recognize the formation the offense is in and YELL IT OUT every two passes the offense makes – “2 PASS RULE”
  • Protect the Inside Out – all shots by the offense should happen from outside 13 yards from the cage
  • Identify the biggest threat – don’t be afraid to shut-off the offense’s biggest threat and play 4 vs 5
  • Defend the Skip Lanes – one man plays the ball and those defenders adjacent to the man playing the ball are in the Skip Lanes
  • Stick Arrival – long poles should arrive 6 feet early by getting your stick on the ball carrier!!  PRESSURE BREEDS DECISION MAKING!!! – make the ball carrier force a pass
  • Finish the play – understand the 7 second rule – A 30 second penalty is actually 37 seconds as you wait for your man to get back into the play and match up


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