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Offensive Formation – 3-1-2

A 3-1-2 offense is an excellent offense to run for several reasons:

1. Takes advantage of strong dodgers from multiple parts of the field

2. Creates good spacing between offensive players

3. Can allow for 6 offensive players to be above GLE in shooting position

When deciding on which Offensive Formation to run, you must decide:

1. Where on the field do you want the majority of shots to come from?

Common Shooting Choice

A 3-1-2 spreads out the defense and allows offenses to draw slides and feed open offensive players for high percentage shots

2. Which position is going to initiate the offense through a dodge?

Common Dodging Choice

Dodges usually initiate from one of the middies in a 3-1-2

3. Is your offense going to be structured and disciplined or more free-flowing?

Common Offensive Style

The 3-1-2 provides an offense an ability to attack from multiple parts of the field which allows for a more free-flowing offense

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